About Us

SS INDUSTRIES - is a manufacturer and supplier of quality access SFRC Manhole Covers and frames, together with a range of other products allied to the building and civil engineering industry.

Founded on a tradition of quality and innovation, SS Industries has been at the forefront of composite technology since 2005 for manufacturing and marketing facility allows us to fabricate an extensive range of high quality, standard and bespoke products. Our aim is always to provide a high level of quality, service, and value. We stock a comprehensive range of standard products in order to facilitate our customer's needs promptly.

Our factory is situated in the Industrial Area of Chennai and our Manufacturing unit has a plant capacity to cater to its customerís demands. We supply as per schedules and specification of the clients. Our Major supply is to various government departments as well as private sector, resellers, dealers all over India.

We have ensured the concern of our clients about quality. We have been known for our innovation and establishing the new standards in terms of quality produced by us. Safety for both pedestrians and utility employees has driven GMI to produce the safest manhole cover possible. Composite manhole covers will conduct neither stray voltage nor high heat shielding pedestrians from the underground environment. The advanced ergonomic aspects of composite manhole covers and frames safeguard the municipal workforce from injuries associated with heavy castings.

The focus of the firm has been towards the quality and endurance of the product since its inception.

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